What to Expect (from Leman) in 2018


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Leman has decided to go big or go home this season in his coverage of six-man football. He's got some of the same things he did last year, but will sprinkle in some new features throughout the year.

Here's a look at what to expect that will be the same as last season.

Game of the Week – Will be picking out one game that he feels is of interest or importance each week and writing a lot of words about it…packed full of info of course! These will be published on Thursdays

Recap of last week’s Game of the Week – Recap of said games…again with as much info and stats as I can muster up for ya. These will be published on Mondays

Player of the Week (POW) – Same format as last season, One POW will be picked and about five Honorable Mentions as well… all with accompanying stats and noteworthy tidbits. These will be published on Wednesdays. (so get your info in before Tuesday!)

Statistical Leader Board – The most time consuming thing by far… collecting, tabulating and tracking the main statistical categories each week. Last year featured a weekly and a season running leader board…time permitting it will be the same this season. These will be updated… HOPEFULLY by Wednesday night. (again, get your info in early! This takes time to compile)

Interesting issues - The usual interesting issues that pop up during the course of a season

Now, here are some new things to look forward to…

Coach Profiles – Each week Leman will feature a small Bio-Profile of a coach in Division I and/or Division II. These will be simple and straight forward… and picked totally at Leman's whim.

Stories from the Trophy Case – This will be a weekly (maybe bi-weekly) feature that will take a look at an object in a school’s trophy case that has an interesting back story to it. If you know of anything that would be of interest in any trophy cases out there do feel free to drop me a hot tip via message or email!

Class of 1938 – 2018 will mark six-man football and the UIL’s 80th anniversary, this is the UIL's 81st official season, (note: the game was played before that in Texas, just not UIL sanctioned). To honor the occasion, he will bring you information pertaining to that first UIL season of six-man football.

So coaches, please include Leman on your nightly game summary/stats email list!
Leman.saunders (at) gmail.com