West Texas teams

Its bull the are only 6 teams left in state that are 5-0 And sorry bearcat the only reason y yal aren't winning bec u lost ur team which was Josh colunga
The headquarters of the Illuminati is in West Texas. That's why they are ranked higher than everybody else.
It is all a well orchestrated plot to demean athletics in the obviously inferior parts of the state.
It is BS panther, but get used to it, it's the way it is and always will be.... Remember the guy doing the rankings is a regular guy that puts his 'info' into a computer and prints what it spits out, it has nothing to do with how teams play on Friday night, example look at Garden City. These rankings mean nothing, it's where you end up in November. Hat's off to the teams that are 5-0, you have all played a top 10 ranked team at some point and won, even though much credit is not given to that. It is pretty comical though that some teams have lost 2-3 weeks in a row or havent met their spread and have moved up in the rankings, and there are 1 or 2 that have won every week and still dropped lol.....just let it roll off and laugh about it, it's nothing but amusement!!!
To stir the pot, and get people all fired up so they can have people post on the website...it looks like it is working lol. If you look on the home page and see how many times certain people post, you will see they definitley like being amused by things that cant control at all, lol. The only thing that matters is how your team does on Friday night, that means more than any ranking Granger or anyone else can come up with, lol.
Wow Rainjack, who gives you the authority to 'judge" people. Some of you guys need to take a good, hard look at yourselves before you try put down other people. This isnt English class, nor spelling, nor keyboarding, this is a website for pure amusement and maybe you should stick to talking sixman football and quit trying to act like Dr. Phil !!! Your posts aren't exactly Pulitzer Prize material!!!
oldfat&bald":bkg7tfo9 said:
Rainman, I don't know if you intended to or not, but you finally posted something funny.

If you found the humor in one of my posts, I must have finally dumbed my writing down to that of a preschooler. Next week I will be making fart noises with my arm pit. It'll keep you in stitches for hours.
i cant believe im going to defend Goob cause God knows he doesn’t need it he can take care of himself very well. But you might want to read more than just a few lines here and there before you jump to any conclusions,... you will find out in the long run Mr Goob has taken you down the proverbial rabbit hole more than just a couple of times to bring you back here where you just started....
just fair warning
i know i know Goob you were just funnin with em

they will not heed my warning anyway so go get em

lol lmfao
Looks like they are, sometimes a team will change a place or two, but for the most part will stay the same. The spreads are up also, he was very early compared to last week, lol