West Columbia Charter School Warriors Report


11-man fan
Here is a report on the West Columbia Charter School Warriors (formerly West Columbia Christian). Best of luck to the Warriors this season.

West Columbia Charter School ready for season
By Anthony Maenza
The Facts

Published August 27, 2007

WEST COLUMBIA — Six-man football still is alive and kicking here.

With a new school and a new coach, the West Columbia Charter School Warriors hope to revive a winning attitude that was present when six-man first arrived almost a decade ago at Columbia Christian School.

Coach Kenny Montgomery is in charge of revitalizing the six-man program. In Columbia Christian’s final year as a school, the Warriors had to stop play because injuries decimated their already low numbers.

The new Warriors have nine players to start the season in the new charter school that occupies the old Columbia Christian building.

“I’m pretty pleased with the work they have put in so far,â€
Its good to hear that the Warriors are back in buisness. My innaguration to 6 man football was their beggining year. The BCS vs CCS rivalry was awesome! Rashad Wilson was a MAN!!!! My girls went to school there and now my boys are playing for Wichita Christian School....so the 6 man tradition in our family continues!

Good luck to the Warriors and the Eagles this year