Week 7 - Notable Games


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Aquilla vs Abbott
Crowell vs Milford
Follett vs Sterling City (I’ll be at this one)
Bonus: Lorenzo (6-0) vs Lubbock Titans (6-0)

I’m sure I am missing some! Please add more games you expect to be competitive matchups!!

Hill County

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Abbott in a close one
I'll take crowell. Milford needs the lose to get them focused. Because no one in their district will be close to them.
Follett another close one
I am gonna say Lorenzo just because a public against private


I was VERY impressed with what I saw from Milford today. Covered up with athletes, most notably the Junior spread back, Taron Smith. I know that Crowell is down this year, but he just made them look like a JV squad, dancing around in the backfield just running spread option every play. He had the chance to run at will, but looked to be trying to work on the passing game, and that boy has an ARM. He was just flicking it and it was going 55 yds in the air on the money. Richland Springs and then possibly Strawn both have to be worried!