Week 4 college scores.

Local games of intrests (Texas schools)

Northwestern State @ Baylor
Texas Tech @ Houston
Middle Tennessee @ North Texas
Vanderbilt @ Rice
TCU @ Clemson
UTEP @ Texas
UAB @ Texas A&M

Other games:

Oklahoma @ Miami (FL)
California @ Oregon
Florida @ Kentucky
Iowa @ Penn State
Washington State @ USC
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Oh what a fun day, plenty of close games, and plenty of upsets, and still some more close games still going on.

Michigan 36 Indiana 33
TCU 14 Clemson 10
LSU 30 Mississippi State 26, LSU made a goal line stand just to win the game.

Now for the upsets,

Georgia Tech 24 North Carolina 7
South Florida 17 Florida State 7
Virginia Tech 31 Miami (FL) 7
Oregon 42 California 3
Iowa 21 Penn State 10

Current games in progress,

Stanford 24 Washington 14 in the 3rd
Texas Tech 21 Houston 13 at half time.

Stanford 34 Washington 14, well that was a short stay.

Houston 29 Texas Tech 28
Great game by both teams, and even greater game by two great QBs from Abilene.
quite a day for upsets. So many teams were hyped by the media after 3 weeks and ended up in the top 10, and then they turn around and lose the next week.

I am not anywhere close to convinced that Houston is going to be a BCS buster.
Here are the unbeaten teams still left,

Alabama 4-0
Auburn 4-0
Boise State 4-0
Cincinnati 4-0
Florida 4-0
Houston 3-0
Iowa 4-0
Kansas 4-0
LSU 4-0
Michigan 4-0
Missouri 4-0
South Florida 4-0
TCU 3-0
Texas 4-0
Texas A&M 3-0
UCLA 3-0
Wisconsin 4-0