Week 3 Top Games?

Pretty loaded week, but almost all the big games are Friday

Jonesboro @ Austin St. Stephen's
Oakwood @ Aquilla
Rankin @ Westbrook
Whiteface @ Valley
May @ Knox City
Gordon @ Strawn
Loraine @ Klondike
Nazareth @ Groom
Jayton @ Ira
Covington @ Oglesby
If Austin St. Stephen’s had any sort of defense they would be dangerous. Was at the May game the other night it’s definitely not their strong point.
There are several games I wish I could see this week like Jonesboro and Austin St. Stephen, Rankin and Westbrook, and most of the games Pdevitt 13 mentioned. Another game I would like to see tonight is Union Hill at Lingleville. This website has Lingleville picked by 13 and DCTF did not pick this game but has Union Hill rated 16 and Lingleville rated 26. It is tough to be old and between my wife, yes I have a great one, and myself we sometimes have Dr. Appointments etc that interfere with football.
Saw that one reported here a bit ago. Looks like I completely overestimated or badly underestimated a team here.

I think a bit of both @Mike as the fans had Whitharral highly rated as well. However, Silverton returned a lot this season. Played Paducah tough last week too. I think Whitharral and Silverton are good teams. Congrats Owls on the big win.
I like Union Hill. Theyre a sleeper IMO.
Better than lots of people expected. I just looked at DCTF again and they brought 6/5 starters and a bunch of letterman back from a .500+ team last year. Rankings should get closer to real thing this week. I think @Mike said three weeks and I think that is normal for all classes except maybe the top five that are somewhat close. My opinion and being old gets me a free cup of coffee at McDonalds.
Saw that one reported here a bit ago. Looks like I completely overestimated or badly underestimated a team here.
Snot your fault Mike. You inherited the Toy from Guru, blame it on him, still early in the season, kinks to be worked out as adjustments are made.
I was talking about the pre-season rankings. Yes, anything after that is 100% @granger's fault. 😂
I see how this goes.... throw the old man under the 🚌

Sure, I will take the blame. However, in all truth, I would have to tweak the system annually due to the size of the system. If the original system was used from almost 30 years ago, teams would be starting with -300 ratings and head south from there. 😂