Week 1 Broadcasts/Streaming


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Someone has usually brought this up each week in years past. Thought I start it this week. Most are probably aware the UIL is allowing live streaming this year. If you know of a game to be streamed, or, audio broadcast only share it here. As it's become fairly regular thing each week Mike might want to formalize/format the process, food for thought.

I'd like to hear or watch the Borden County - May game tomorrow. I know BC has broadcast in the past and last year streamed if I remember right. I think it might have been through the school website. If no one posts about it I'll look.

The Ranger - Oglesby game will be streamed here.

Microplex news has been broadcasting Strawn games since 2009. They will not be doing the White Deer - Strawn game tomorrow, in part because the announcer is still recovering from Covid after a stay in the hospital. They do plan to cover next weeks game on 9/3. The game tomorrow is supposed to be streamed here, with no audio. Not sure how this will work out so updates on the new thread for that will be appreciated by at least one.

In memory of Don Hardin, good football to you.
As it's become fairly regular thing each week Mike might want to formalize/format the process, food for thought.
Yeah, let me hear some thoughts on how something like this might work and we'll get something going. Maybe a page under schedules that says "Live feeds", then lists feeds for all the games that we have feed data for?
Well I guess this idea bombed so far. I should have posted this earlier in the week. Regarding BC - May . . .
I tried logging in here but it says my email address doesn't exist.
I think the game will be broadcast here even though it's not yet listed.
Here's another possibility for multiple games.
Then there is sixmania, get well soon Cowboy!
Great to see coverage of this game.Ranger new to sixman football this year will be tested by a talented Oglesby team.Good luck to both teams..
Happy @ Groom will be broadcast here:

Broadcast will start 15 minutes before kickoff.
I guess everybody who might use these links has seen them by now. So I thought I'd make a few comments here about week 1 instead of starting a new thread.
Based on Dave Campbells Texas Football's top 10 rankings to start the season. . . Last night # 1 D2 Motley County beats #4 D1 Westbrook. Today D1 #3 May 45's D1 #2 Borden County. Going on now D1 # 5 Rankin vs D2 # 4 Balmoreah.
Other games of interest, just observing ( does anyone else here remember JO, he hasn't posted in a few years, Geeeeeeeezzzzzz). Valley 33, Ira 32 sounds like a good one. Buena Vista 84, Irion County 73, close to a shoot out. Congratulations to Coach Pustejovsky. Loraine 92, Abilene Christian 48. They hung on for a full game, didn't get 45'd, they got 44'd.
Rankin 64, Balmoreah 51. I heard updates during the game, close through most of it. Back and forth at points if I remember right. Coach Vance Jones graduates lot's of seniors but still contends with a successful team from last year that didn't do so. Congratulations to that old Red Devil Dentist, all his friends, family and associates. All dentists are Devils, inflictors of pain.
Regarding comments on week one games. Did I read somewhere RS had some covid problems? (Seriously). Them getting beat by Marble Falls Faith Acadamey by 28 set off the antenna on my tin foil hat. They graduated some but they always reload somehow. Coach Burkart has a well developed program, he's obviously a brilliant coach. Something's goofy here.