Veritas vs Gainesville game (From a coaches view)

Vincent J. Davis

Active member
Wow what a game!! If you didn’t make it out to Penelope, Texas for this one then you missed out on a good one!! I enjoyed every bit of it... Congrats to Coach Burns, Coach Washington and Coach Thomas for the great job they are doing on and off the field with those young men.
Veritas is still Veritas, Coach Hatfield still has a great program going and don’t expect them to fall off anytime soon! It was so good to see #2 out there running that ball for Veritas after he missed last season with the injury, he was great!

Gainesville led the entire game! 62-40 was the score at the end of the 3rd. Veritas stormed back and showed us what champions do.. 62-56 with about 3 minutes to go in the game, Gainesville had 4th down and scored to make it 68-56 which ended up being the final score!!

Again, what a great game it was!! Good sportsmanship from both teams.. both Gainesville and Veritas fans were so loving, sweet and very respectful!!! Great season Veritas, keep your heads up you all played great... Gainesville vs Emery should be another good one next week