Varsity Games Needed


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We have been a small private 6-man school for many years and are making the move to 11 man. Tcal does not have 11-man so we have decided to play a half schedule 11-man and then finish the year 6-man. We want to give our kids a chance at a post season. We are excited about being a TCAL team and being able to play one more year 6-man. I am sorry for the confusion and the change of direction, but we have put a lot of thought into what is best for our kids. With this said we are looking for a few 6-man games. We need Oct. 2nd,9th,16th,30th, and Nov. 6th. We need a mixture of home and aways so let me know if one of these will work. 325-277-1107 or
Thanks for the help

John Brinkman
Athletic Director/ Head Football Coach
San Angelo TLCA