UT vs. ASU


11-man fan
Okay all you Colt haters how about that game? UT will be ranked in the top ten next year and will have a shot at the National Championship.
The thing I saw I liked was they played with some fire, at least the first half.

Hard to comment but if ASU QB spent the week running his mouth, he sure didn't help his cause.

I think Mack's stepson needs to find another place to watch the game from, Ha.

Was apparent also that UT needs a get back coach in the worst way, what two sideline warnings and could have been more than that.

The horns with only 1 senior offensively look pretty solid for next year, but their schedule is murder coming up.
I think the schedule helps them if they realize that they need that fire all the time. There were a lot of people on the field besides Mack's stepson so I think the get back coach is definitely a good idea. By the way you will never convince me he touched that ball even though he shouldn't have been on the field. It's always fun to see a mouthy player get his mouth shut. The number of players coming back is a definite plus. I hope Charles stays because I think he and Colt are the key. Hook Em' :D
The guy that was the furthest on the field (and Herbstreit commented on this) was Cleve Bryant, Associate AD for FB Ops. It was a bowl game and the team was trying to establish a certain intensity. I would think there was a problem, but it was just a bowl game. They are supposed to be a little more relaxed (at least when you don't make a BCS game). Heck, when I was the SID at Trinity, the kids that worked for us in the athletic department with the equipment manager always got paid to do the daily laundry (jerseys...) for the team in the Alamo Bowl. It was a nice little holiday cash for them. The year Purdue was in the game with Drew Brees, Purdue also gave the kids sideline passes and a bunch of gear.

As for the players, I still think Colt makes too many bad decisions. He is a gamer and tough as nails, but needs to play within himself a little better. He and Jamaal also need to hold onto the ball a little better. As for the schedule, it will be significantly harder. They have nine bowl teams on their schedule and are at TTU, Kansas, UTEP and Colorado.