Use of a practice field needed (DFW area)


11-man fan
We have been very blessed to have a church with a wide open filed allow us to practice there all season. Unfortunately, the field is not lighted. We have searched for 2 months for an alternate site to practice that has a lighted field. We have also looked into renting lights. None of these things have workd out for us. Every city Rec Dept,ISD, and church that I have contacted in our area has said no, no, and no. Most are under contract with some soccer league or simply rent to no one.

If any of you have a lighted field that you would be willing to rent to us for a few practices, please contact us. We are not asking for free, but we are asking for affordable.
What we really need is for some church, school, or municipality decide they are willing to minister to these boys that have worked hard all year and have made it to the playoffs. They need a place to practice. Our families come from the Northeast Tarrant area of Fort Worth. We are willing to drive a fair distance to be able to practice.

Please contact THESA at [email protected] if you can help, or even just point us in a direction!