UIL Rules


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Are there UIL rules for kids commiting felony crimes . Should they be allowed to play sports. Or is it up to school admin. If my child committed a felony crime , i would not have allowed it. Neither would his coach at that time. Running 20 miles as punishment is not a punishment, especially a high school age kid. Not saying much about misdemenor dwi either, odonnell would lose another star player because of that .
I believe it depends on the school district's rule for handling such students. If they are sent to an alternative/ISS type school, I think they lose eligibility. But if coach and administrators "look the other way" and play the "innocent until proven guilty" card, I'm sure there are kids that get to play.
I think you have to be careful. I would think that the student would have to be found guilty, not just accused. There is a whole list of rules set down by TEA that may regulate such instances.
smokeyjoe53":13jrp1e1 said:
Lifegate, theoretically how do private schools handle situations of similar circumstance?

I would think MOST private schools would have long since expelled someone in that instance, but strange things have happened someplaces.