Trent Week 1 Rumble in the Jungle


11-man fan
Trent ISD is thinking about joining the club and doing a week 1 classic. We have great facilities with a turf field and want to give teams a chance to play on a turf field that may normally not get to. We are looking for 16 teams that would want to come play in the Rumble in the Jungle. I think Trent has done this years ago and I would like to start it back up. If your team is interested shoot me an email or call me and we will try and get it all set up. I would love to do an East vs West set up and get teams that may never play one another and set them against each other. Trent is located west of Abilene by about 20 minutes and is pretty central located for six-man schools across the state. We are looking for teams that can commit to a 2 year deal.


Mark Weaver Head Football
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (325)862-6125 school phone
Still in need of 2 Teams for Rumble in the Jungle. We have 10 as of Right now and we Plan on doing 2 games each night starting on Thursday. If we get more interest we will do more games on Saturday.