Trent Gorillas

Be on the lookout for a Trent football program that hasn't been seen in years. The coaches have had these kids in their system for 3 years now at least. There are 5 returning seniors that would love to leave the program with a winning record. Look for the 3rd most improved team in the state last year to build off of their previous successes, as they try to make a playoff berth, and push for a playoff win in 2022. These young men are hungry and ready to hit the field!
Should be the first winning season since 2012 for this program. Someone needs to bring out some cameras! Get these young men on the news as well as these coaches that have worked so hard to build this program from scratch practically.
Look for the Gorillas to make short work of Lohn this week. Senior RB's B. Lewis, and B. Crouch should both easily rush for over 100 yards, while QB H. Payne should have a few passes and TD's to mix it up. On defense Seniors L. Swinney and I. Harris will likely lead the Gorilla front line attack and cripple Lohn in the backfield. They combined for 24 tackles last week. The Gorilla secondary B. Cathey and K. Hollis are doing a great job defending passes. Two young men that Trent has high hopes for as they are sophomore and freshman respectively.
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Well, we had a wake-up call. Paint Rock had our number. Hopefully these young men recover nicely and look ahead to Paint Creek at home this week!