TOP moves, up and down


Six-man fan
Last week ranking values were used to correctly pick 83% of the winners. Not perfect but better than the week before. Strange things a going on – a lot of teams lost points after a win – I think this means the system is trending the power to a realistic value. But like most systems, time will tell.

Biggest movers in DIV1

Going Up
Rochelle 22.32
Knox City 21.36
Petersburg 20.76
O'Donnell 18.30
Veribest 15.36

Going down
Abbott -22.62
Southland -21.71
Northside -21.36
Crowell -19.03
Grady -16.47

Biggest movers in DIV2
Going Up
Milford 23.52
Dawson 23.38
Whitharral 18.96
Happy 16.80
Karnack 12.24

Going down
Strawn -22.32
Comanche Paradigm -20.02
Wilson -18.96
Silverton -11.20
Newcastle -8.88