Tomball Christian Homeschool 65 players suited out?


11-man fan
Thats more than college teams. I understand that all JV and frosh teams all suited out. what an advantage!
They are the team to beat for State. Several of the JV players played in their first varsity game. I wonder if they play the Greyhounds this year. That would be a great matchup!
Over 65 Players! Who is montioring this! The NCAA?
If somebody could convince 65 or so home school families to come up with the dollars to outfit and train SIXTY FIVE homeschool kids to play six man football, that's somebody who could be very, very wealthy selling something else for a living.

All I see is you'd have a few dozen mommas and poppas upset that their kid is in the eighth, ninth or tenth team of the squad ... and how many JV, Freshman A-B-C teams can you have? (This ain't like Converse Judson, where I was talking with a mom last night on that her son is on the Judson freshman C team because they had 120+ freshmen out for football).

Think about it ... equipment (new) for a player is probably somewhere in the $400 range; add other costs and it's a several hundred dollar cost to play football -- and unlike brick-and-mortar schools, you don't have the financing those groups use to buy their own equipment and lend it to players.

Seriously, as far as I know, there is only one home school 11-man team, HSAA, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I think they have been around for awhile. But I think you might see others form in the future ... the big concern is how those groups will get games, but what I'd do is start contacting some of the smaller 11 man private and 1A public schools and ask. Or, try at TAPPS realignment to find a nearby district with an odd number of teams and approach them about filling those open dates, because late season games will be your big problem.