Today is the first day of the rest of my life


Six-man expert
Time shall be marked starting today as "a.d."

After Drayton

Thankfully his tenure has ended. Despite the World Series appearance in 2005, the team has been a mess...
It's Time!! Time for you to root for the team a couple 100

miles north,where tickets are hard to come by,fans are jumping
on the bang wagon..everyday and You can become one.
How can you not root for a Nolan Ryan team?
Claw and Antlers!!!!
Oh,Don't forget about that Mav BB as well..

Just messing with you Frank..
Many years ago before we had the Rangers,I loved to listen to the Astro's
on the radio,,Gene Elston.,play by play man.
The "Toy Cannon" Jimmy Wynn,Don Wilson,Aspromonte.Dave Gusti [sp?]
Joe Morgan

RIP,,Harmon Killebrew
it could be worse... You could have Jerry Jones pulling the strings

Don't know off hand what the record for number of
losses..but the disastro's are on a course of losing 120
games...Hunter Pence gone to Phillies..Good for Him!!