To My Beloved Wildcats

The Rabid Wildcat

11-man fan
It warms my heart to see the success that you boys are having this year. Although I haven't been to games in person I have always been there in spirit this year. I hate that my job has kept me out of the Might Valley of Water this season and last but have enjoyed reading the recaps of the games and check each Friday night to make sure that you are keeping that Thunderwagon on the road. Congratulations to you and to your fine coaching staff on a job well done. Keep it up guys and I hope to see you in the playoffs.
kbjoe1":749nkwcg said:
so how far do you think wv will go and who do you they will have to play to get there?

Good question kbjoe1. I'd love to say all the way but that would be awfully presumptuous. If they did however... I think the path would look like this...

Round 1 - Fort Davis
Round 2 - Ira
Round 3 - Rankin
Round 4 - Valley
State Game - Throckmorton