The Rematch Benjamin vs. Loraine DII State Championship

It is hard to beat a team twice. Both teams should be extremely grateful and proud they’ve made it to the end. I’m gonna put this in the air. Loraine will be out there to prove something, I think it will go till late in the fourth but the mustangs figure out the gameplan and get a few stops. I think they end it late in the 4th. Wishful thinking. Regardless huge achievement for both schools. Be proud!
He can’t be a

Haters, yikes. he can brag on his kid, as he did, he can also brag on the team around him which he did. The 2nd best team just got 45d by this TEAM. They can say as they please. Keep your lousy biased(loser) opinions over there.
Just watched the post gaame interview of Benjimin. Overall the players humble. But coach Rigdon says that Grayson is the best 6 man player in the state? I don’t think so skippy does he have back to back Offensive and defensive player of the game? I’ll put Cedric Ware up against anyone in the state. Stay humble coach and keep it classy.
"Some people in Benjamin didn't want us here".

I completely understand that point of view.

According to Google Maps, Benjamin is 204 miles from Richland Springs. That's too close.
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Kid is very good we all know this last thing we need is his daddy in a press conference saying so
So you cant brag on your kids at all if you're a coach? I guess that's new? Name a freshman that won POY and win 2 state titles B2B at different schools. Rigdon didnt say anything but the truth. Benjamin had great athletes to go along with GR but GR looked like the best 6man player in the state. Good lord everyone has gotten so soft. Congrats to both Benjamin and Westbrook on their wins. Too bad they didnt get to play each other in the West playoffs or regular season.