The New Texas Stadium

Little bit of both. Arlington passed a tax increase to build it, just like the Ballpark. Hopefully it will be paid off early like the Ballpark was and then the taxes will drop once again.
I read that it was estimated to cost $650 million intially with Arlinton paying $325 and the Cowboys paying anything over. It's estimated to cost $1 billion now and it'll be 2.5 X the size of the current Texas Stadium.
Oh yeah. No question about it. It's supposed to have the open roof motif, but will have to ability to close ala Reliant. Planned to be ready by 2009 and will hold 80,000 but will be able to expand to 100,000 for Super Bowls and Southlake Carroll games.
I know this is an old question, but should they still be known as the DALLAS Cowboys, since they have not played in Dallas for over 30 years?
I wonder when the Cowboy games are not sold out,due to the high ticket price's,The TV Blackout will take effect..Could Happen!
Maybe we can get a few of the fixtures from the old Irving Stadium for the Six Man Elmo Dome. I got first dibs on the cute cheerleader on the left ... well, any of 'em.<P>John
C'mon Bearkat you know they will always be the Dallas Cowboys even if they moved to Leaday. They will probably move the Cotton Bowl there also. Which means BCS game if it still exists.
Moving the Cotton bowl to the new Cowboys Stadium (whatever it will be called) is a done deal, just as soon as present contract with Dallas runs its course. I think that I read 2010, but I could be wrong on the date. The Ballpark in Arlington will now be called The Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. The Rangers ownership is ending their contract with Ameriquest, the bell will be removed and 200 seats added in its place.