Teams that will struggle next year


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Who do y'all think will struggle next year due to losing majority of their talent? Who will be the surprise team next year?
Throck, Santa Anna, Gordon, Strawn will struggle I think. May will probably be predicted to lose out due to the loss of 8 seniors but they'll surprise everyone again. Zephyr will be very good this year since they've been a young team recently. Rising Star will win a few more next year as well.
Throck will have one more year of being a strong team. Santa Anna's go to back is a Soph. Gordon and Zephyr will be pretty strong. Calvert and RS will probably have another showdown in the third round of the playoffs. Rochelle's go to back is a Jr. The line blocking for May will have to come from somewhere, how well the kids step up to play the line positions will drive just how strong May will be next year. I expect May to again make it to the third round in the playoffs.
I don't expect the WV to be nearly as strong next year as they have been these past couple of years. You never know, the kids could surprise and the cupboard isn't completely bare but I expect some drop off.
Leman Saunders":3tojdzxn said:
Gordon aint going to struggle...return their stud RB and most of their team
Their man-under is a Jr. A little better passing skill and he can be really good. Several other good underclassmen give them strong prospects for next year. If nobody moves away....
Throckmorton has a hole in their numbers and talent about come through. Their JH last season was very young without any major contributors in 7th or 8th grade...mostly 6th graders.
Of the teams I saw, I think Calvert (Losing #9 and #2) and Richland Springs (Losing #3 and #4) will both be really good next year. We'll see how Calvert rebounds after losing #9 on defense and their running back. Both seniors from Richland Springs were quality players, so they'll need to reload those two positions as well. everyone says Abbott will be good next year, but I think the loss of Urbanovsky and Beims is going to hurt much worse than they lead on. Blum is losing Stone, Chamberlain and Shaffer which is a ton on both sides of the ball. Milford was down a little this year from losses from graduation from last year, and it will only hurt worse when Brown and Jones graduate. Coolidge will also struggle losing their seniors. Mt. Calm will be very strong losing only one guy on both sides of the ball. Water Valley will have some holes to fill as well. Jonesboro is losing Robuck an Isom, but if I'm not mistaken, the younger Robuck will now be a Junior and their huge Sophomore class is primed and ready for a run through that ridiculous Region 4 in Division 2.

I'm always reminded I'm not a coach, just a fan. These are just opinions from what I saw. No film break down, no personnel graphs, no stats - just eye balls. Next year will be a ton of fun and I can't wait for the season to begin.
Sconelebro that is not the THROCKMORTON jr high team I saw play this year. Most were 7th and 8th grade.
There was a number 7 who was huge and a number 2 who was very fast and quick. Both of them were 8th graders in the program . That big kid is the coaches kid not sure who the fast kid was .. Throckmorton will be young next year but I looked at the state game they are gonna have 6 seniors .. Calvert is loaded with talent .. Richland always reloads... It's going to be pretty interesting next year
Well, again I said last year, so the coach's son obviously wasn't there yet. And, the hole in the group would be the current freshman class. Wichita Christian beat them 32-6 with a running clock and 6-minute quarters. Three starters were said to be sixth graders. To me, that's a hole.
I did some checking with a contact from Woodson he said that the Throckmorton jr high team this year was undefeated this year ...either way still gonna be interesting in DII next year