TCAL week 3 pick'em


11-man fan
Lets get this we talk going.

SA Winston vs. CC Annapolis
SA Lutheran vs. SA River City
New Braunfels Christian vs. San Marcos Homeschool
Bell County Homeschool vs Waco Live Oak
SA Sunnybrook vs John Paul II
Pasadena First Baptist vs. West Columbia Charter
Tomball Homeschool vs Alvin LivingStone

My picks

SA Winston by 18
River City by 45
SM Homeschool by 24
Live Oak by 45
John Paul by 8
West Columbia by 45
Tomball HS by 14
Winston by 20
River City by 45
San Marcos and New Braunfels Christian not sure about. But I am very interesrted in since we play NBCA next week.
Live oak by 45
West Columbia by 45
Sunnybrook by 38
Tomball Homeschool by 12
yea I have seen them play a couple times. They are physical and fast. They are a well coached and balanced team this year. The can pound you with it or they can spread you out and throw it. Good ball team this year.
New Braunfels is getting some defensive help from an old Whitharral player. will be interesting to see if he can help.
Rooting for you Boomer.
Oh really. i didnt know he was still doing that. thought he was just working for Baylor. Great guy. If you see him tell him Boomer is helping down at New Braunfels. he will know who that is.
Answer to East Texas Coach concerning Feast: Feast lost all 6 starters off of last years TCAL championship team but the JV team from last year did pretty well. All of their "skill" players are young and inexperienced but with the good coaching and conditioning they will give you a good game each Friday night. They have already lost their tailback to a season ending knee injury. In my opinion the 2009 Feast team was the best one the program has produced over its now 6 year history. 5 of those starters were eligible for a 4th year but they decided to get started on their college plans. Now that would have been a team to watch!