TCAL-TCAF...never say never!


11-man fan
Let's have some fun (be nice)
What would happen if TCAL and TCAF Merged?

1. Over 70 six man teams (with new schools)
2. Over 120 schools and programs combined
3. State wide JH league
4. 11 man transition will be much easier from within
5. 5 week play off system!
7. Granger would have to put us above TAPPS on the rankings page:) just kidding!

These are only a few things that would make for one awesome organazation! Lord willing!
I hate to be the skunk at the garden party, but there is already a statewide organization with over 60 six-man football schools and about 100 schools of six-man football size that already crowns two state champions ... TAPPS.

While a merger of TCAF and T-CAL would be in the best interests of both groups as a whole, I think the issue of charter schools and home school group membership in the T-CAL organization would be one that might be tough to swallow if I was in charge at TCAF (which I am not). I'm getting the impression that my good friends at TCAF are understanding why some of the rules they didn't like with TAPPS are a part of that organization as it grows.
I beleive one day our friends at TCAF will see that merging will be great for both. God's time, not mine.

The home school, charter school stuff isn't near as difficult as some make it out to be. By the way, TCAF has charter schools now and as you know, home school students on most of their teams.

Don't worry John, we are not trying to compete with TAPPS. Just would like the "T-C" guys to pull together and make one joint effort to praise the Lord while serving a whole lot more folks!

When it happens, maybe Lifegate can join us:)
It would be nice. I believe the student athlete will be the one to win if TCAL-TCAF merged. It could be called TCAFL.

There is common ground and the differences could meet some where in the middle, which would still be workable.

Divide the district based on how many players they have & not the school size. It is tough going up against teams that have double the players you do on Friday night.... Of course, if you have 7 Seniors, you probably will do fine.
We already schedule several TCAF teams a year. The boys dont seem to notice the politics, they just play. We have enjoyed some wonderful games and awesome fellowship. I believe the differences are far less than some would have us believe. I say Go For It!!!
Alignments are coming up soon...gotta move quick to make it happen this next season. However, it can happen!

There will be naysayers that disagree, but they will get over it!

Contact your leadership and tell them to give me a call!
coachbill":8joy118d said:
When it happens, maybe Lifegate can join us:)

Bill ... I can tell you that when I first became AD at Lifegate in 2001, somebody from T-CAL called and invited us to join. Mentioned it to our pastor, who is probably the kindest, most forgiving man God put on this planet. Told me if I ever suggested joining T-CAL, I'd be out of that place pretty quickly. I think it had to do with some run-ins with one of the earlier T-CAL members.

I think I'll see the Jews and Arabs at peace before Lifegate would leave TAPPS.

But I love you brother, and hey, there's a reason there's 31 flavors at the ice cream shop.,
Sports Marketing Experts (SME) just launched the new TCAL logo. Check it out at Not sure how happy they would be adding a letter:)
I would like to personally thank T-CAL and Coach Helms for accepting Mt. Carmel. I realize that TAPPS has all the options, but after the Archdiocese closed the school in '08, we could only open as a charter, eliminating us from TAPPS, although we took 70%+ of the previous high school students to the Academy. UIL wanted to put us in large school 3A where we couldn't compete, stating we could recruit athletes from around the state, understandably, although academics are our priority. We wanted to give our student/ athletes the opportunities which come from being a part of a league, and T-CAL has afforded us the chance to let our students shine. I have yet to run into a dishonest charter or homeschool, and what I have seen is the same up and down patterns with team size and shape which occur regardless of league. T-CAL has good rules and guidelines, and polices itself efficiently. Their difference is to be inclusive and allow us "outsiders" to be part of an organization. Our 4 year relationship with T-CAL administration and schools has been exceptional, and has let us enrich the lives of our students.
Coach Wolf,

TCAL wouldn't be the same without Mt Carmel!

I must say that as much as I hate to travel long distances, I keep my game relationship with Mt Carmel because of the great hospitality and class program that they run. They put our boys up in the Marriot because they didn't want us traveling in Houston late Saturday night. Again, Thanks Coach for being a TCAL advocate and a first class representation of what christian character is all about.

Blessings on the rest of your season!
As a board member of TCAF I am 100% behind the merger of the two leagues. I think it is in the interest of both parties to merge. I hope that all coaches will be in constant prayer about future meetings between the two organizations. I know there are some details to hash out but I believe there are some creative solutions that have already been mentioned (not on the board but in phone conversations). I have spoken with most of the TCAf schools and a lot of the home school organizations in the area. I am optomistic about the merger. Thank you to the leadership of both organizations for all of your hard work.

In Christ,

Jesse Erhart
Nazarene Christian Academy
John Maxwell once said, "Change is inevitable; growth is optional." Having been in TCAF for eight or nine seasons, we here at Azle have been exploring other options from a pure level of scheduling issues. For the last two seasons we have been left scrambling to adjust and fill open spots left by schools who committed to play and yet due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, they were not able t do so leaving us with a three team district. We would love to see a 8 team district! 5 week playoff system, YES!!! Come on guys, get this worked out real soon!!!
Looking good!

Currently looking for dates and times to meet. PLEASE pray for great and productive meetings!

It blesses me to see this (meeting) finally happen. Praise the Lord for answered prayers!

Blessings on the remainder of your seasons!

Billy Helm
Totally agree and hope for the sake of the game, players and teams we find common ground. Pastor Miles is correct that teams have to scramble to find another team to play. We need a bigger conference so that when making the playoff's it really means something. I can remember playing and only the District Champion made it to the playoff's.