Tatum, NM openings

OK. Dogface made me curious ... So, I checked Google Maps ...

Dogface was right. It is NOT 30 miles. It is only 29.9 miles. Almost all of it due WEST on US Hwy 380. According to Google: 34 minute drive.

Just thought you all would want to know ...

Now, Plains IS 29.9 miles (almost) due East of Tatum.
I figured it out all along ... he meant the other EAST (you know, WEST). Kinda like when I tell my wife to take a right turn when I really meant to tell her to turn left.
You've got a great attitude!
Personally, I'd love to live and work in NM.
Especially with TX current economic SNAFU.
I just got my walking papers yesterday.
I know that New Mexico gets alot of discredit. It's quality of athletics as a whole are not like Texas, but you still coach and develop kids and have some very competitive teams. Here in Eastern New Mexico, the kids are similar to West Texas kids. We only go to school 164 days. The NM version of TAKS is not quite as difficult. I coached in Texas for twenty five years and NM is not as strong, but right now I would say it is more stable. The worst part concerning pay is the state income tax. The NMAA which is NM's version of the UIL has a job board also.


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