Solid Performances of 2022

Leman Saunders

Six-man expert
A coach shared one of his players games with me today and while I haven't put out any call for stats I did get me wondering about some of the best performances this season?
(1Afan does a great job recognizing one a week with the Tougher Than Tough award...named bc Ford refuses to give out their weekly award to 1A)

Senior Colt Berry of Three Way against Aquilla:
458+ All-Purpose Yards (missing return yardage on the INT)
545 Total Offense Yards

32 rushing attempts
407 rushing yards
7 rushing TDs
3 extra point runs

6/10 completion
103 passing yards
3 passing TDs
1 extra point pass

5 receptions
35 receiving yards
1 receiving TD
3 extra point receptions

Special teams:
16 return yards

9 Tackles
1 interception
I don't have many specifics, but I was very impressed by Oakwood's running back last Friday - I think his name is Nickerson #7. He carried his team on his back and nearly beat us singlehandedly. I think he probably scored 7 touchdowns and must have had 250+ yards rushing. He also played a lot of defense. Come playoff time, any defense that doesn't tackle well is in trouble...