Six-Man Players Who Played After HS

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There's been several to go to college and play but to actually make a impact not sure there's been many to do so. Not because they couldn't but a lot of these small town boys go from being the biggest fish in the pond to being thrown in the ocean with other big fish. And not being able to play immediately they give up and quit in a year or two instead of trying to work harder and stick it out. But with that being said there was two brothers from trinidad that went to Baylor and also a running back from Trinidad that went to Stephen f Austin. There's also a kid from Calvert who's on the Texas tech roster right now. And I know this doesn't have to do with sixman but I heard from somewhere that Deanthony Thomas of Oregon played 8-man football?


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This is one of those topics that floats around every couple of years... but here are some I know about...

Gordon '68 - Nelson Campbell (played at TCU DI)
Gordon '97 - Jim Kostiha (Impact Player at Beloit College DIII)
Gordon '99 - Joe Kostiha (Impact Player at Beloit College DIII)
Gordon '98 - John Leven (Started at TE for Tarleton one year DII)
Gordon '00 - Lyle Campbell (Multi Year Starter and Impact Player at Dartmouth DI)
... I know I am missing a couple of other Gordon players

Trinidad '99 - Damien Jackson (Impact Player at Tarleton DII)

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I heard Midwestern was trying to make the move to the FCS level... That may be in the next few years just hopefully he'll stay with the program. Zack Agnew had been with ACU for three years then they make the move to FCS and his not on the team anymore. Idk if he quit or what?

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Speaking of Zack Agnew what happen to Colby White I heard he got a track scholarship to WT? But did he not get a football scholarship to play football anywhere? That kid was one of the fastest to ever play the game


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Jacob Hancock from Valley was moved to starting receiver for WTA&M last I heard. But there's been a coaching shakeup since then, so I don't know for sure now.


Robert Ramsey (Fredericksburg Heritage) graduated last spring from Wheaton College (IL; quality ranked NCAA D-3 program) where he played defensive end for four years and I think was captain his senior year.


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It will take a while for Midwestern State to move up. By rules, I think they would need to add at least a baseball program to match up to softball. Someone mentioned they might have to get track as well.

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The other Achilles boy, Grady Achilles played at University of Inarnate word D1 school. Saw on Monday night football Ricky Williams is a assistant coach there.


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Doubt Midwestern will be moving up to FCS any time soon, unless things just get to the point where they have to (conference shrinking, etc). AD and coaches I've talked to seem to be against it, think it was a mistake for ACU and (especially) UIW to go.