Shoulder Pads and Helmets for sale

Coach Emerson

11-man fan
We have 15 pair of Rawlings Shoulder Pads that range from M-XXXL. Looking to sale them for $40 each or best offer. We have had them for 4 years, but some have never been used.

We have three Rawlings Helmets (Large) 2 years old. $80.00 each of best offer. Also have 4 Schutt Helmets (Large) that need to be reconditioned. $30.00 each or best offer.

I have 10 face masks (White) that will fit most helmets. Lineman and Skill Cut. $10.00 each or best offer.

If interested, please contact Coach Thomas Emerson at (903)-753-0612 ext. 231 or [email protected]

Thank You,

Thomas Emerson