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Well OBK, they're playing great right now, as they obviously have been most of the season but many of us have failed to notice. Too bad baseball and football overlap, the focus has turned to the latter. We have a team one game away from the ALCS, thus four from the World Series. Something to celebrate.

Old Bearkat

Yep. They surprised me by taking the West and bombing Toronto in Toronto. If they keep it going tonight, they'll be in the ALCS again.


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oldfat&bald":aubbiryq said:

Odds are your not right according to the radio announcer this morning. "Only 2 teams in xxxx years with a 2-0 lead have not won (blown) it". But they certainly have the capability to blow it. I'm really surprised they're still playing.
Congrat's to them.
Ideally, Hamilton hit's a Grand Slam in the 9th to propel them to their first World Championship.


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