Quick Thoughts on Districts Races that should be Exciting!


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This is a bit like reading the tea leaves, but early indications point to these district races being ones to watch.

District 1 –
Only two teams will make the playoffs…what a shame!

District 10 – Again multiple teams vying for two playoff spots, including rivals Abbott and Aquilla.

District 13 – The Concho Valley District and every game should be fun to watch with Bronte’s foray into the streamlined game.

District 16 – Made up of mostly new converts to six-man football, it should be exciting to see how this district finishes. Medina was solid last year, Leakey has a bold new look, can Nueces Canyon return to six-man glory like they were in the 1950s, will Prairie Lea break their playoff drought (last playoff appearance was in 1944)???

District 4 –
A pesky three team district (Wilson, Southland, Loop) and honestly no finish would surprise me here. Any team could be #1 or #3 when week 11 is over!

District 5 – Buena Vista goes down to DII, but Grandfalls, Dell City and Sanderson all can compete for a playoff spot…Sierra Blanca there to throw a monkey wrench into things as well…things could get crazy out west!

District 12 – Should be a competitive district top to bottom.

District 15 – Ditto for this district as Blanket might hold a slight edge over the other four, but good luck predicting who makes the playoffs.

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D2 District 15 Blanket will go 10-0 and win the district. Good size, speed, and schedule strength is on their side. Brooksmith shouldn't have a problem finishing 2nd.