Question about the Eden Bulldogs

You know, back a few years ago, those Eden bulldogs always came up with a team that was hard for anybody to beat. They had some old farm and ranch boys who were just about as tough as boot leather, and really had a bottom to them. They were real players.
What has happened? Do the boys around Eden just not like the game anymore? I know they are a good sized school so they should have enough kids to pick from. Just something that bothers me to see a town make such a downturn and stay there for so long.
I kinda felt the same way about R.lee but I can see a real turn around in our boys. This years bunch has really impressed me, also starting them out early has help big time. Last and more important is parents have to push their kids and not let them quit, hope it comes around for ur bulldogs and good luck!...p.s. you know I still want to whip ya'll right?