Question About Play Drawing Software


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I have been using a program by Jes-Soft to draw my plays. It is pretty difficult to use. I have also been trying to draw and edit plays using MS Word (using Shapes, Word Art, etc) but Word has some flaws, also. Can anyone recommend a good (and reasonably simple!) program to use for drawing six man football plays?


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Not specifically for drawing plays but a samsung note 3 has a feature that allows you to write, draw etc. Then convert to whatever you want


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Do you have Hudl? I think you can print out play cards by formation and just add what you need to it. I have not used that feature yet but it looks like it might work for you.


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I still like ms publisher. No yearly fees and I believe schools can get it at a reduced cost. Most schools probably already have it since it comes statndard in MS Office Pro.


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I use power point. Pretty easy.
MS Pulisher would be the next level. Publisher is built for flyers and advertisement, where power point is built for presentations, bullet style formating so on and so forth.

MS publisher also has advantages of booklet style printing. You can make a playbook from 8.5x11 paper very easily. You can also move your base formations from page to page with realative ease.