PSA: UIL Has Incorrect Bracket

Leman Saunders

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Beating a dead horse here but I see a lot of people repeating this mistake this week in calling this the "regional quarterfinals" which it isnt

For the 1A brackets on the UIL website they have completely mislabeled 3 of the 5 rounds.

This error was likely made by simply copying what they have for the other classes and they forgot 1A has one less round.

The 1st round is correct, that is Bi-District.

However, the 2nd round they have labeled as the Regional Quarter-Final and that is not right. It is in fact the Regional Semi-Final as there are just two games left in Region play (not four which is what a quarter-final would is in fact the 1A regional quarter-final).

The error is then compounded for the next two rounds on your 1A brackets.

The 3rd round in 1A is the last game in the region which is the Regional Championship and also the state quarter-finals as there are only 4 games played (they have labeled it as the Regional Semi-Final) and the fourth round is the State Semi-Final (they have labeled it as the Regional Championship which it clearly isnt) and the fifth and final round is the State Championship, which is correct obviously.

I am seeing many outlets use the incorrect terminology as a result of the official UIL bracket being incorrect and it is confusing a lot of people.

Here is the correct way to name/label the 1A football playoff brackets (a 5 round bracket that is divided evenly between 4 regions)

1st round = Bi-District/Regional Q-Final
2nd = Area/Regional Semi-Final
3rd = Regional Final/State Q-Final
4th = State Semi-Final
5th = State Championship