Pizza , Pizza , Pizza!!!

I was told once that "Mingus is the shortcut to anywhere you ever want to go". While you're there stop into BJ's and chow down on the best pizza in the state.<P>A distant second is Mama's Pizza. Stick with the joints that use deck ovens instead of the conveyor ovens. It takes a little longer but always worth the wait.
I know most of you down there would not believe it, but take it from me, Texas could learn a thing or two about making pizza from these yankees up here in the Chicago area. <P>Conan's in Austin used to be the best in Texas, before they went chain. Chicago style deep dish pizzas that stuffed you.<P>
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Trilogy in San Antonio has good Chicago-style deep dish. Granted, probably not as good as in Chicago proper... but good.<P>One Guy From Italy isn't bad either. The zesty pepperoni pizza from CiCi's is really good too. I don't care what anyone says.