PD vs Brenham game

Box Dad

11-man fan
That game would have been totally different if the refs were not such bone heads!
Okay, so Im messing.
At the start Brenham looked like there was some hope, scoring first on a couple plays. But alas, it was down hill from there.
PD has a fundamentally sound team. They know how to block and how to tackle. They made there PATs and for the amount of time they had on offense (close to all of it) they held on to the ball. I don't think they turned the ball over on a pick or fumble, I might be wrong on that.
Brenham seemed to be the invert of PD on Friday night, so reverse all I said in the last 4 sentences. It was a tough night, I know Brenham has the talent to compete, there just running a little rough at this point.

One thing if PD has more home games:
Talk to your announcer, "surprise surprise" is not appropriate commentary for an interception (although, many might have been thinking it).
Your doing a good job at PD coach.
PD had one fumble.
The PD running back was about to score when the ball went into and out of the endzone.
Officials called a touch-back and gave Brenham the ball on the 20.

During the 3rd qtr
That was a heads up call on the refs part, he knew what the call was and what to do.
I wanted to meet you and congratulate your team after the game but it didn't work out. I'll be sure to catch another one of your games this season.