Outlaw Bowl Series- Week 3 Update

Coach JFree

Active member
1 Keene Chargers
2 Huntsville Alpha Omega
3 San Antonio Prep Panthers
4 Booker Kiowas
5 Ranger Bulldogs
6 Somerset Academy Collegiate Bears
7 Weatherford Christian Lions
8 Waco Vanguard College Prep Vikings
9 Priddy Pirates
10 Corpus Christi Coastal Christian Badgers

Latest Rankings are posted- Top 10 teams but we need coaches to contact us.
Send me a DM if you are interested. Teams not in contact will not be eligible to play.
Just giving a heads up- we may not be able to host this year because of our Charter league playoff schedule.
Will keep everyone updated.
Good Morning to those keeping track- It looks like we will need to cancel the bowl series for this year. Our Charter League (not recognized here) is using that date for the first round of our playoffs. We were originally scheduled for the 3rd but then because of teams dropping out we now play that weekend. Sorry for this late notice as we just found out the date was not negotiable.