OSU Gundy

He did kind of creep out, but I thought it was admirable that he would stand up for his players like that. But he should lay off the whiskey or whatever it is.
Maybe the reporter will be a little more responsible next time. Good for Gundy. Too many reporters think they have to smear someone so people will read it. If that is true how sad.
Wow, guess not surprised, but I think personally is a sign of a new trend and not necessarily a good one. Kind of like announcers on college games and pro games, they think everyone tunes in to hear their vast amount of knowledge, NOT It stinks, maybe this young lady should be banned from team and dressing room and she can make up some exciting crap for people to read. I know I am probably too old and out of touch, but this is junk and the press lacks a lot of responsibility nowdays. Just my humble opinion.
Has anyone actually read the article?


It is a pretty harsh article, but this guy has been taking all of the accolades as the "next Vince Young" for a couple of years now. Heck, that same writer even used those axact words.

The way this thing is shaping up, I wouldn't be surprised to find that some of her sources are very close the OSU program. Stuff like that just doesn't come out without her having real good sources and first-hand knowledge.

My thoughts are this:
1. She wrote a very harsh and embarassing article that bordered on the edge. I am assuming her fact are correct. OSU and Gundy has not tried to deny that anymore. It is an incredible piece.
2. Gundy rightfully defended his player, but didn't do it correctly and looked a little foolish after the greatest win of the season.
3. Gundy and OSU love the publicity. It will also help a team that got beat by Troy State in recruiting. Here's a guy that will go to the end for his players.