Opponents refuse to play on Colorado team's field


Six-man expert
Opponents refuse to play on Branson’s hardscrabble football field. Now the town needs a(nother) miracle.

The athletic field at the far northeast corner of Branson’s town limits had sat mostly idle since the 1980s, when it was last used for baseball and still held memories as home to a 1967 high school championship team. Without baseball, any pretense to athletic glory literally turned to dust as the field blended with the region’s rough pastureland, dotted with tufts of prairie grass, mixed with rocks and garnished with thistles and cacti.


The old Three Way school had a pretty crappy field. It took a couple of weeks to get all the grass burr spines out of my fingers and it was hard as a rock.
I don't remember the fence. They may have installed it after 1972, which was the last time I played there. In 1973 they forfeited their last 3 games and did not play football again until 1976.