Open/filled prefixes added


As I'm sure some of you may have noticed, we have now added thread prefixes that you can use to specify whether your thread is still "Open" or if it has been "Filled". These prefixes are available for use in both the Games Needed / Open Dates and Coaching Vacancies forums.

The "Open" prefix is brightly colored green so that it will stand out better to users browsing the forum, so I'd highly recommend using it. Also, please be sure to come back and mark them as filled once they are filled so that they're not taking attention away from another team's post.

Additionally, I've added a way to easily switch between the two for your posts. If you are viewing a post that you created in either of these forums, you can now easily mark them as open/filled by using the thread options as shown in the following screenshot.


Please note that in order to "Mark as filled", it must first be marked as open. Posts in these forums are "marked" as open either by using the "Open" prefix when you create the post, or by using the "Mark as open" option as shown in the above image.