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I played 6-Man football in Virginia in the mid 1950's. We had the "clear pass" rule which stated that when the QB (or whoever) received the ball from Center - he had to make a "clear pass" (NOT a handoff) to the next player. Also - HE could not run the ball (unless he received it BACK from another player).

I hope that this rule has been eliminated, & I'm reasonably sure it has (probably long ago).


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Don't see much else different. Still have to physically dominate an opponent to win. Football is TWO THINGS - blocking & tackling!!!

Getting back to the "clear pass" rule - can anyone tell me WHEN it was changed?


PS: These words by the immortal "Bear" Bryant will hold true as long as there IS the game of football:

“We believe and teach our boys they must be more aggressive and “out-mean” our opponents if they expect to win with consistency. If we “out-mean” and physically whip our opponents by hard blocking and tackling, and we are consistent in doing it, we’ll win a lot of football games. Football is a contact sport, and we must make the initial contact. In order to be a winner a boy must whip his man individually, and the team must beat the opponent physically”.

Paul “Bear” Bryant


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I know it was still an official rule in 1960 but was gone by 1970.

It was debated by coaches and Stephen Kepler nationally in the 1950s as a rule that should be done away with.

I have been trying to look into the history of sixman football in Virginia for a few months now but I haven't had much luck...can you email me and maybe we can talk about the sport in Virginia. leman.saunders@gmail.com