Oh, Don! Ya done did it, agin!


11-man fan
I had just about convinced myself that Garden City was gonna be down this year, so I was going to allow myself to pursue some other entertainment options. Well, throw that plan out the window. Don (as in Hardin) has once again predicted troubles for my beloved BearKats - just as he did the last two years. Now we all know that Don is a huge six-man fan and a very knowledgeable guy when it comes to this game we all love so much, but his prognostication skills leave much to be desired. Now that his pronouncement is official, I guess I should just go ahead and start packing my championship game bag full of BearKat stuff and get ready for a very busy playoff season. Maybe I'll rest when I am dead.
Might oughta take Don at his "knowing" self on this one. His prognostications will be proved or disproved early ....

Maybe make it a small bag. District is pretty weak overall. Don't really see them not making the playoffs unless the wheels fall off early or one major injury or the elgebility bug bites ... then ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!

Oh and let's not forget that GREAT BIG TARGET on GC's back ... and there are reasons for that.