NFL Super Bowl player to coach Texas home school team


Just got a note from the San Marcos Home School Panthers ... after two years, my good friend Bruce Hall is stepping aside from coaching due to a new job in the Dallas area.

The new head coach of the team is Bruce Collie, who is a two-time Super Bowl champion with the San Francisco 49'ers. His wife, Holly, will be the team's AD. And Bruce shouldn't be short of players ... he and Holly have 13 children (ages 2 to 18), all home schooled. The SA Express News ran a story about their family for fathers day ...

If you're in the Wimberley/San Marcos area, stop by his restaurant (Brewsters) which I think is at the intersection of FM 12 & FM 32 about 4 miles outside of Wimberley.
I still have a 1984 UTA Mavericks Football poster/schedule which pictures Coach Chuck Curtis and three players, one of which is all-confernce Bruce Collie. UTA dropped football in after the 1985 season, I had graduated that spring. I never met Mr. Collie, didn't know of him at all other than the poster. I know I saw him play there. Didn't know what happened to him until I saw his name on a Super Bowl roster, then though "wow", I went to school with a guy who's blocking for Joe Montana, cool! Had not heard of him since.
After reading the above post I did a web search on him. Nice long article from the Austin American Statesman from 2009. Wow.
13 kids from 93-09 - with the same woman, that's about .81 per year - with no fertility drugs. Says he eats healthy & is a "slender"
300 pounds. The NFL though, you finally become a starter on a SB team that destroy's Elway & the Bronco's 55-10, then they trade you to the Eagles.
Just posted an article on the main board about the death of Bruce Collie's daughter in a plane crash in Wisconsin a few weeks ago.

And I just realized that I know TWO people who have Super Bowl rings from the SF 49ers. Bruce and Angela King Twitero, who was one of the original SF 49 Cheerleaders and later the director of the cheerleader team. She lives in the Seguin area and owns a company that makes professional cheerleading uniforms :).