New Phone Scam

Gulfstream's Risk Management office has been notified by AT&T of a new telephone scam.

The scammers will call at odd hours so it's unlikely someone will answer the phone. That allows the scammers to leave an automated message requesting you call them back, or that you will see a "missed" call and call them back.

When you call back the perpetrators, they begin billing your number at a high rate per minute, which could be $4 or more per minute. Once you're connected, they will keep you on the phone by repeatedly playing recordings such as, "Thank you for calling. The next representative will be with you shortly." Needless to say a representative never answers. Meanwhile, you are being billed by the minute until you run out of patience and hang up.

All of the numbers come from Grenada and show up as 473-520-xxxx.

If you see any numbers on your phone that start with a 473-520 number, do not return the call.


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I don't return calls or listen to recorded voicemails from any number I don't recognize ......... Apply the same policy to email............