Motley County Matadors

Since this is your first time,
I'd like to give you a tip.

If you could include a score
in the context of your congrats
next time,

most of us would appreciate it!!!!!!!!

(Perhaps not the SC bunch,
they'll get over it!)
Not my first time Dogface, just my first time in a while.

84-36 MC. Ended in the 4th

The score was already posted under SCORES, figured the 6 man fans had already seen it there.

Congrats again to the Mighty Matadors!
This was first one I read
and I was wanting a score real bad.

I went to scores page next.
Looks like y'all almost had them in the first quarter!

See you in Abilene!!!!!!!
We are hoping our neighbors from Valley will join us in Abilene next week for a Rolling Plains doubleheader. Good luck Patriots!
snapdragon":2i74eqrn said:
Big shout out to the Matadors of Motley County! Bet there's lots of folks that didn't see that one coming.

Yeah, but most of them live in Sterling City.

I called this game in the first week of the season. I said MC would 45 SC by half. People laughed.

I think goob - aka Cooter - (thank you Pat Carson) went as far as to say I knew nothing about 6-man.
I'll admit that I didn't see it coming. I honestly thought Sterling City would win a close one. I was impressed by the way the Eagles played us tough in Water Valley and I guess I was fooled by the beating Crowell gave Motley County. Still, congratulations to the Matadors. I hope they can give the Coyotes a good game. What's that? Newcastle? Ummm... yeah.
Last year motley had one lineman out, and i guarantee a healthy sc team playing mc doesnt get 45'd and it is a way different game, but it doesnt matter, they got 2nd place wrapped up
No whinning from Sterling City yes we had 3 starters out but Motley Co. played a real good game

wished we were healthly but thats football.

Good luck Motley Co against Richland Springs and I do hope your healthy for this one sure dont want any whinning.

Proud of our Eagles and blessed to be an Eagle fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Jedi speaks the truth. Richland Springs has not beaten Newcastle yet. However, if the Jedi was a betting man I doubt if he'd bet on the Bobcats. Besides, Goob already said that Richland Springs would win so there you go. You can't argue with that logic.
hey rainjack..go check out my post in the mc vs sterling city thread. it pretty much wraps up how highly i (along with everyone else who has to read ur crud) think of people like you and your sidekick snapdragon. the worthless, clueless trash talk u deal out is entertaining to read because it demonstrates the ignorance in the world. its real mature to kick a community while they are down. you think we whine? no. we are stating facts....we were missing 3 starters...last time i checked that is considered a fact. not an excuse or a complaint. that is just what we were dealt. big whoop. we r over it now. facts are facts. if u consider that whining then maybe my post will make you happy. because i also stated how well mc did. i give full credit to that team. they are a talented bunch that deserves to be where they are now. very disciplined. never witnessed blocking quite like that. great job to the mats and community deserves a pat on the back for the job theyve done with the music/support etc. good job mats. enjoy the last game.

if this too is what whining is, then i wont ever mind hearing a bit of whining. because all this is is credit being dealt after a loss.