Crowell-Motley County


Six-man fan
Congrats to the Wildcats on the game last night. Definitely made it worth the trip and late arrival back home in the wee hours of the morning!
Everything MC wanted to do, Crowell had the answer to..........everything Crowell wanted to do, they did, and MC had NO answer to the Wildcat offensive attack.
WTG to the players for executing a near flawless game plan, to the coaches for scouting, gameplanning, and getting the players ready for what was supposed to be a good match up, and the the parents and fans for helping get the kids in the right frame of mind for the game.
Last night was a perfect example of WHY THE GAMES ARE PLAYED ON THE FIELD, and not on some ranking system, or on the message boards.
One of the radio announcers giving scores last night summed it up: MC had looked nearly invincible to date.......Crowell not only showed they can be beat, but that they can be dominated if the other teams goes out and executes their game plan and doesn't feed into the hype surrounding the Matadors.
Make no mistake, MC WILL rebound and have a great district season, and likely make a deep run in the playoffs. Last night's wake up call will probably make life very hard for the DII teams that MC faces in the playoffs. Getting shut out and dominated the way they were might be the best thing to happen to the Matadors, as it will bring them back to earth and they will realize that rankings matter's what you do or don't do on the field that will determine the winner and loser of the remaining games.
Crowell appears to be getting better each week. It will be interesting to see if they continue to build on their success.
Good luck to both teams in the remainder of the season, and I hope to get the opportunity to attend more games during the course of the season and playoffs to see each team play.