Morgan I.S.D

bleed6man":3apvh8iv said:
Just let anybody who cares, Morgan I.S.D is going to have a football team. They started Monday 8-8-11

They play sixman ball - we all care. It takes a heck of lot more guts to play with 6-7 young men than to field a team of 20.
Me too. Texas Country Reporter did a piece on Blackwell a few years back. They were playing with 6 and very aware it could end at any time. As luck would have it someone got hurt that night (but finished the game) and their season ended. Heartbreaking.
i wish for them the best and will root for them knowing their back is against the wall everyday. All of our little towns may be facing theses same situations.. who cares? most dont we look away but we all can say.we have seen the movie hoosiers and had a little fist in the air for the little schools cause they won... i know we all support our schools in our own town but take a minute or two to support this team too right along with all the others as they fight to survive.