Mitchell county

My manager at work grew up in Rocksprings. He told me about his time there in a one on one meeting and I asked him why they don’t move to sixman and he said something along the lines of “school board” which irritates me. Baird IC and Menard have moved to sixman and are doing great. I don’t see why some schools don’t move down.
School boards are supposed to act in the best interest of the students. I do know that a couple of those mentioned above could have been sixman but chose not to because of the size of the lower grades. When you are near the bubble number it's tough. Ranger is a good example. They resisted the switch for over a decadfe even with small enough numbers. Then the UIL changes the counting rules (used to have four options) and they are having to play outlaw because of one larger than normal class. It's a tough call.
Just sitting around and thinking about how well both six man teams in Mitchell county are doing in Westbrook and Loraine and the potential of what they could do in the playoffs ( not saying I guarantee anything, with how many good teams there are in both divisions that would be crazy) but was just curious aside from like your Gordon/Strawn over the years has there been any other counties that have had two top ranked teams the same season. Thought that would be an interesting conversation piece.
Congrats to both Westbrook and Loraine!!! Best of luck to both at Jerry’s World.