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I am and active duty Special Forces soldier (aka Green Beret) currently stationed in Colorado, and am 10 months from retirement. I will return to my home state of Texas upon retirement with aspirations to coach and teach at the secondary level, more importantly 6-man. What I am lacking is the football coaching experience at the 6-man level. I played high school varsity football and coached for two years at the varsity 2A level in Texas before joining the military the day after 9/11. At this present moment I am an assistant coach at a 3A in Colorado, and did finish my alternate Texas certification program. Understanding the football season has started, if any coach feels inclined to speak with me, please feel free to pm.

Very respectfully,

Charles ‘Charlie’ L Tilton II


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Look up 6-man schools in CO. I believe once you get to the Eastern part of the state, close to KS, they play some 6-man there. I'm not sure how close that is to you.
I believe there are many 8 man schools in that area as well.