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11-man fan
I was looking for a basketball, football, any coaching positions and teacher job. I am Highly Qualified in Social Studies, Special Education, and Health. I was an assistant basketball coach at Kilgore College and Sul Ross State, now I have received my Masters from Sul Ross and am looking for a high school job. Have had a few small leads but nothing too serious. I really enjoyed my time out in Alpine, and enjoy the atmosphere out here. I think one thing that's holding me back is my lack of six-man football experience. Yet, I see myself as one of those coaches who could coach any sport, I do not have alot of experience with six-man but I am a high energy coach and am hoping to learn and better understand the game. Just love competition and it's all just energy and execution. As it creeps closer to August I'm getting nervous about job opportunities. I'm excited to teach and coach any sport or subject area. Anyways if anyone has any leads out there let me know. I attached a resume and any administrators or anyone who has advice on maybe how to improve upon it to help my chances would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the time!
Not trying to be rude but
Just wondering why you didn't try the obvious: Ft. Davis ISD?
Social Studies/Asst. Football?
Was it filled already?
It's still on the website today.

With your Masters now, wouldn't you rather stay at Sul?
I love it out there too!
FYI ... it's not sixman and I'm not sure what coaching opportunities arise, but I noticed in the San Antonio paper that Alice ISD is advertising a lot of positions open ... about 40 miles from Corpus; Alice is kind of an armpit, but they have a decent football history and you can live somewhere else nearby; Corpus really isn't that bad. Check the web for information, since I have already tossed the Sunday fishwrap.
Yo Crawdad give me a break.
I've turned over a new leaf.
I just gave the guy a great tip!
If I had his credentials
I darn sure wouldn't need your help.

Here's another one
Buckholts ISD.
They need a 6th gr. teacher and Girls Coach
but you'd better hurry.
I'm sure there would be some
6man action in there somewhere!!
It's a good place to start
and I hear the HC/AD is very
I appreciate all the tips, and on the 4th of July, thanks hope everyone had a good one. yes 6 man sounds great but I'm not completely limited to it, so thanks for the tips out near Corpus would be nice. Ft. Davis I heard is filled, or already knew where it was going. Really had a great time here at Sul Ross, but these assistant college jobs are great experiences and fun times while I'm young but now getting older need something more beneficial.
Just in case
we lookers had better have our Home depo
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It's one of those years.
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"Better be ready to vote out all those pekkerwoods that put us in this position too!"



We better be watching and even more doing something about politcs if we want to
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