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Hope all is well in the Great State of Texas. I just finished my last online class for my BA in American History. The earliest my degree can be "conferred" is February. I am also the Head Football Coach at a six-man football program in Triangle Lake, Oregon. I am originally from Southeast Texas and finally getting ready to head back to Texas with the Goal of Teaching and Coaching. I am also in the process of enrolling at Texas A&M's Graduate EPP program with a Social Studies focus and should be able to teach come the fall. I am also not opposed to going to a completely different college or not going for my Masters and only doing my certificates. Would really like to find someplace that would be interested in hiring an Offensive Coordinator for next year and mentor me in becoming a teacher in Texas. I can be a Head Coach if needed as well.I have attached a Resume and Reference Letters. Please let me know if their is anything else you may need from me.


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