Less Than a Week


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You ok buddy?.? I highly doubt any of the 4 great teams left need you busting out the old skirt and Pom poms. Exciting days ahead yes. I will miss the only games I truly would like to see but can maybe make big school mess. Haven’t made mind up on that one. Thankful for all stations covering this, for the fine folks that cannot make the game. Anybody have a clue as to when someone else or contract ends for Bally sports. I can’t stand not being able to make it physically and the only other option is to have direct tv.?.? Nonsense with today’s technology. Should be able to make a one time payment to watch the championships via streaming ect. Without having to sign up. Even if you put a PPV price on it. Would be worth it.
Yeah I have a problem. 14 weeks, no more Friday Night Lights this year. As a great coach once told me, I hate basketball. It means the season is over.
So yeah I'm starting to have a football jones
Warning this does have a parental advisory. Though I'm not sure why. Is sleeping with your football under your pillow a sin? I could be addicted.



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My my jimmy boy what will you do with yourself. Atleast you’ll have plenty of time to look of stats and music videos. In that long stretch before august. I myself don’t mind basketball plenty of action in it. Especially those mean girl teams they seem to hold grudges better then boys. Which is quite entertaining at times. Who knows pretty quick you might just be a fan of basketball